Spinulosa newsletter

The MEG newsletter Spinulosa is sent/emailed to members four times a year, and is named after the local shrub Banksia spinulosa. It contains:

If there are topics you would like to know more about, we would love to hear your suggestions - please contact us to let us know.

Below is a selection of past Spinulosa newsletters containing interesting articles including annual summaries, local developments, growing indigenous plants, and population growth.

Spinulosa May 2018 - History of the Spinulosa emblem
Spinulosa August 2017 - Summary of the 2017 AGM
Spinulosa November 2015 - Summary of MEG's activities for the year
Spinulosa September 2012 - Summary of MEG's activities for the year
Spinulosa November 2004 - Platypus in Olinda Ck, national park weeds, feeding wildlife
Spinulosa April 1990 - Kilsyth South Spider Orchid Land Purchased
Spinulosa April 1987 - Population Growth
Spinulosa May 1987 - Issues with local development
Spinulosa August 1985 - Growing locally indigenous plants
Spinulosa July 1984 - Local news and development

Other historical publications

More historical documents, including brochures, posters, and photographs, are available on our 50-year anniversary page.