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Server logs containing identifying information are stored for a maximum of four weeks. These logs contain your IP address, which pages you visit and when, information about your browser and device, and the website that sent you here. They do not identify you by name or relate to any third-party account or tracking system. After at most four weeks, these logs are de-identified and retained indefinitely for aggregated analytics. No logs of any form are shared with anyone outside of Montrose Environmental Group.

Montrose Environmental Group does not use any other methods to track you.

You may be tracked by Facebook through the embedded feed and like button when you visit the homepage and contact page respectively. You may be tracked by Google when visiting a page with an embedded Google Map. You can minimise third-party tracking by disabling JavaScript, which will disable these elements of the website. Montrose Environmental Group cannot access or control the data gathered by these tracking methods.

Personal information

Information you provide to us in our membership form will be used by the Committee for the purpose of providing you with membership benefits and will not be shared with third parties. By providing your email and/or postal address in the membership form, you consent to receiving communication from us in the applicable format(s).

If you wish to cease your membership and/or communication from us, you can let your annual membership lapse or contact us at any time to discontinue your membership and optionally request immediate removal of your information. To amend your personal information including contact details, please complete the membership form and send it to us with a note that you wish to amend your information.

Information you provide to us in emails and other communication will only be used for its intended purpose.

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