Privacy Policy

Updated 13 April 2024


This is the Privacy Policy of Montrose Environmental Group Inc, also known as “Montrose Environmental Group” and “MEG”.

MEG is a voluntary, non-profit, incorporated association in Montrose, Victoria, 3765, Australia (incorporated association number A0018558J, ABN 14051912647). MEG is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). MEG is governed by a Committee elected by members.


There are two types of logs recorded when you use our website: server logs and user logs. No logs of any form are shared with anyone outside of MEG, except under legal compulsion such as a court order.

Server logs

Server logs containing identifying information are stored for a maximum of four weeks. Server logs apply to all users of our website. Server logs contain your IP address, which pages you visit and when, information about your browser and device, and the website that sent you here. Server logs do not identify you by name or relate to any third-party account or tracking system. After at most four weeks, server logs are de-identified by removing IP addresses and retained indefinitely for aggregated analytics.

User logs

When you sign in to our website, and in addition to the server logs described above, any activity you perform on our website relating to your account is also logged and retained indefinitely. These user logs contain the actions you perform, details of the actions, when you performed the actions, your IP address, and information about your browser and device. User logs are retained primarily for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes. User logs may be used for limited analytics at the discretion of the Committee after being de-identified by removing IP addresses and personal information.

Other forms of tracking

Apart from server logs and user logs described above, MEG does not use any methods to track you or gather data for analytics.

You may be tracked by Facebook through the embedded feed and like button when you visit the homepage and contact page respectively. You may be tracked by Google when visiting a page with an embedded Google Map. You can minimise third-party tracking by disabling JavaScript, which will disable these elements of the website. MEG cannot access or control the data gathered by these tracking methods.

Personal information

MEG does not intentionally collect personal information about users of our website without their express and voluntary permission – for example, by filling out our membership form.

Information you provide to us on our website will be used by the Committee for the purpose of providing you with membership benefits. Personal information will never be shared with third parties, with the exception of credit card details.

Credit card details

When you pay for your membership, your credit card details are sent directly from your computer to a payment provider, MasterCard, which manages the transaction. Your credit card details will be stored by MasterCard if you choose to save your card details or automatically renew your membership. MEG will never have access to your credit card details, except for the last four digits of the card number which are recorded on our server for verification purposes. You can modify or permanently remove your credit card details from MasterCard's database on your Account page after signing in to your MEG account.


By providing your email and/or postal address to us, you consent to receiving communication from us in the applicable format(s).

Information you provide to us in emails and other communication will only be used for its intended purpose.

Withdrawal and removal of information

If you wish to cease your membership and/or communication from us, you can let your annual membership lapse or deactivate your memebership at any time on your Account page after by signing in to your MEG account. When deactivating your membership, you can optionally delete your account and all personal information associated with it. MEG's refund policy applies.

You can amend your personal information including contact details on your Account page after signing in to your MEG account. Personal information relating to accounts with no active membership is retained for five years, unless you delete your account before then on your Account page after signing in to your MEG account.

For privacy enquiries, please contact us.

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