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MEG warmly welcomes new members. Our natural environment deserves many supporters.

By joining MEG you will:
Although we would love you to, you don't need to participate in any of the events organised by MEG - a silent membership will keep you informed and increase the vocal power of MEG.

To join, fill in the membership form (PDF or Word), and send with the subscription fee to PO Box 7, Montrose Victoria 3765. Alternatively, you can pay MEG with direct debit and email the membership form to info [at]

Annual subscription rates are as follows: See our brochure for more information about membership and MEG in general.

As a member you will be sent/emailed the MEG newsletter Spinulosa four times a year, which is named after the local shrub Banksia spinulosa. It contains:

If there are topics you would like to know more about, contact MEG and we will see what we can do about including an article in the next Spinulosa.

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We would love to hear from you! If you have suggestions, questions, or would like to notify us of an environmental issue, please use our contact details below.

(secretary) (03) 9723 4700

PO Box 7, Montrose Victoria 3765

info [at]

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