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Montrose Quarry

Stop the expansion of Montrose Quarry!
MEG was very active in the successful opposition to the expansion of Montrose Quarry during the late '90s and early 2000s. The proposed expansions to the Montrose Quarry would have removed important native vegetation as well having other significant environmental impacts. Below is a comparison of the existing quarry pit and the proposed quarry pit after expansion.


Timeline of Events

The 1965-66 Campaign

The 1996-99 Campaign

The 2003-08 Campaign

Status as at 2016

Further Details

Boral (Montrose Operations)
Lilydale & Yarra Valley Leader (Sep 2015)

Montrose Fire Safety Garden

The Montrose Fire Safety Garden is a joint project of Montrose Environmental Group, Montrose Fire Brigade and the Shire of Yarra Ranges. It was established to demonstrate how garden design, maintenance and plant selection may assist in protecting homes against bushfire. The garden is located between the historical cottage and the maternal and child health centre at Montrose, and is open freely to the public 24/7.

The garden is designed to show safe features such as gravel paths near buildings. Plants in the garden have characteristics that make them less flammable, and include local indigenous species that naturally occur around Montrose, other Australian native species and non-Australian exotic species (see the attached brochure for a list of planted species).

For more information, read the Montrose Fire Safety Garden brochure and take the self-guided walk around the garden.

The garden is only one factor in protecting your home against wildfire. For other publications see

Further Details

Victorian National Parks Association -
Montrose CFA -

The Kevin and Jill Heinze People's Garden

An indigenous garden was designed and planted by MEG members as part of the Kevin and Jill Heinze People’s Garden. It aims to showcase a number of indigenous species that are desirable garden species, particularly for the replacement of exotic species. Follow up weed control, maintenance and further plantings are carried out once a year at the MEG working bee.

The People's Garden is at the back of 9-11 Stradbroke Road, and it can be accessed from the back of the Montrose shopping strip car park, near Mt Dandenong Tourist Road. MEG's indigenous garden is at the far end of the People's Garden.

Montrose Playground

MEG has been involved with weed removal works and revegetation of the remnant vegetation surrounding the Montrose Playground (next to Montrose Recreation Reserve), as well as initial preparation of signage for the area.

The Montrose Playground is located on Mt. Dandenong Tourist Rd, Montrose (Melway map ref. 52 D8). More details at

Walkabout Montrose by Kim Wormald

The Walkabout Montrose book was created by a group of enthusiastic and talented MEG volunteers to promote the wonders of the local environment in Montrose and surrounds. It offers maps and interesting environmental and historical information about seven walks through local reserves. The book is available from several stores in the local Montrose shops. More information at Eastern Regional Libraries.

Spinuolsa Newsletter

The MEG newsletter Spinulosa is sent/emailed to members four times a year, and is named after the local shrub Banksia spinulosa. It contains:

If there are topics you would like to know more about, contact MEG and we will see what we can do about including an article in the next Spinulosa.

Below is a selection of past Spinulosa newsletters containing interesting articles including a summary of MEG’s activities for 2015, growing locally indigenous plants in your garden, population growth, issues regarding local developments and the Kilsyth South Spider-orchid. There is also a history of the early years of MEG.